Infinity Protocol

Revolutionizing the Node ecosystem with
life-changing rewards.


Three key ideas behind
Infinity protocol

Incentivizing Nodes

Thanks to the incredibly high returns of the Infinite Nodes, users of our plateform are highly encouraged and influenced to adopt our protocol to maximize their profits. This mass adoption of Infinite Nodes redistributes funds properly all around the protocol allowing impactful buy-backs but more generally, making the project successful in the long term.

Bot-proof launch

After back-testing solutions provided by other protocols, we have come to the conclusion that to prevent any bot users from taking advantage of their notorious tool is to provide the bare minimum when it come to security. This will most likely discourage these users that run another risk which is to ensure profitability considering the cost of their bot. Security measures will come after launch, giving high risk-reward to early investors.

A rough Marketing vision

Infinity protocol is totally against any kind of marketing through promoters knowing that behind the scenes, these same people use their influence as a way to make money out of their community or even use their fans as exit liquidity. Infinity protocol will speak for itself however we don't totally ban marketing from our plans, meaning that we will be most likely promoting our protocol through trusted websites for example.

01 Buy native tokens

Our native token will be available on the Avalanche Network at public launch,
you will be able to purchase tokens from any AVAX Decentralized exchange.

Create an Infinite Node 02

02 Create an Infinite Node

That's it, you can create an unlimited amount of Infinite Nodes per wallet,
taking into consideration the smart-limits, it's that simple.

03 Enjoy Rewards

That's it, you can create an unlimited amount of Infinite Nodes per wallet,
considering the smart-limits, it's that simple.

Token Allocation

Token Info

Total Token Supply = 1'000'000

Chain | Avalanche (AVAX)

Ticker | ???

Contract Address | ???

A Token price at launch | 0.1$